T.T.F.L.- The Self Sustaining Initiative

Fighting crime through sport - the sole mission of the TTFL.

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the higest crime riddled countries in the Caribbean with the lowest detection rate. This gives the citizens of T&T much to hope for, as tax payers dollars are being spent with little return to show for it.

The TTFL is an initiative that focuses on the inclusion of our most crime afflicted areas giving opportunities to 13 members of said area to assist financially to those members as well as their respective communities.

The league is based upon the sport of Futsal, which is 5 a side football played on a court or pitch. Currently Trinidad and Tobago has both a national male and female Futsal team but not a league, this can be it.

The term "self sustaining" means that once this initiative has started it will generate its own funds to pay players, coaches and communities.

This will be achieved due to the business module that the TTFL will be based upon- which is, the setting up, maintenance and growth of specific and new types of business modules given to each participating community.

For example one team/community will be given the opportunity to provide an alternative in the construction industry- building homes from plastic bottles or used tyres. A cost effective, environmentally safe alternative to the traditional way homes are usually built in T&T.

Another example is using fish skin to make leather or recycled/used toys to make furniture.

Each business module is designed to have a very little start up cost with the opportunity to deliver alternatives to the products and services currently offered in the Trinidad and Tobago market. The TTFL will rely heavily on the support of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to use the services offered by the communities with the hope of giving financial freedom to the players and communities involved.

We aim for a safer T&T by reducing the crime rates in our most crime afflicted areas while producing high quality sport competition with a sport that is popular to each citizen and already played in most communities.

This is the Trinidad and Tobago Futsal Leage- The self sustaining Initiative

For more information you can feel free to contact us at 1 868 492 2393 or email us at skristian24@gmail.com
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