Children and Crime Research

Crime affects children. Every day, children around the world are directly and indirectly affected by crimes such as abuse, child labour, illegal drug use and sale, domestic violence, murder and many other violent crimes.

Children themselves can also be the perpetrators of crimes such as bullying, drug sale and use, violent crimes and engagement in gang activity. Despite the impact and implications of criminal activity on their lives, children are typically excluded from conversations that inform decisions and policies on the issue.

This has inspired us to approach community crime prevention from the perspective of the child. This research project will explore children’s views on crime and crime prevention in three localities in the Caribbean island state of Trinidad and Tobago.

The project team comprises of Professor Kevin Haines, Ms. Keel County and Ms. MariellParris; experts from The University of Trinidad and Tobago’s (UTT), Institute for Criminology and Public Safety (ICPS).

This project has received partial sponsorship from a private organization, in the sum of $10000 TTD ($1470 USD). This donation is contingent on our ability to raise the remaining funds of $13000 TTD ($1920 USD). This project is not for profit. Donations will be used for data collection, analysis and travel expenses.

Your donation will help us give a voice to children affected by crime.
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Created Feb 13, 2019 Trinidad and Tobago

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