Royalian Family In Need of Support FUND

The severe flooding which took place on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October, 2018 has severely affected a number of our students, teachers and a few individuals attached to our College. A few of our students have lost everything, as well as a teacher.

We understand it is impossible to replace all that has been lost. However, the College is seeking to raise $200,000.00 TTD at least, to assist ALL those affected. We continue to seek information on more of our students as the attendance of our students today stood only 46%.

The College expects the number of students and their families who were affected by the flooding to increase. It is our hope that we continue this drive up to Monday 31st December, 2018.

This would allow us to be in a position to make significant donations to assist those of the ROYALIAN FAMILY IN NEED OF SUPPORT. We look forward to your support as we bond as a brotherhood in the face of difficult times to support our fellow Royalians.


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  • Michelle Palmer

  • Hayden Mora

  • Gregory Seepersad

  • Vivekananda Maharaj

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Created Oct 22, 2018 St. Clair, Port-of-Spain

TTD$34,100 of TTD$200,000 goal

17% Raised by 20 Donations Charity