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I'm starting this fund for my mother Marcia. An extremely loving, giving and hard-working woman who has spent her entire life thus far, giving to others, especially orphans, and sacrificing everything for her own children and grandchildren; that's my mummy, my heart.

Here's a brief summary of what's been happening...

On the 20th February, 2019 my mother suffered a stroke and entered the hospital both walking and talking. Due to the non-existant treatment in the public hospital and my mother sitting in a chair waiting for almost 24hours, she went in to a semi-comatose state and couldn't breathe. Two days later, after just laying there and having breathing problems, it was realised that she developed pneumonia after having the stroke. We watched as the hospital barely made an effort to save her life or even care for her and they said she wouldn't survive.

Fast forward two months... After many, many near death days and countless amounts of prayer, by the grace of God, my mother finally stabilized and we got her out of the public hospital (who wasn't doing anything) and into a hospice. Now, even though she cannot move or talk, she is starting to open her eyes and is showing signs of improvement. We are now reaching out for some help for my mother Marcia. We have to completely fund her stay at the hospice as they are a charitable organisation. We are in over our head with unexpected expenses, this includes; monthly donations to the institution, prescription and non prescription medication on a need basis, medical supplies as needed, food for her 8 times a day feedings (she has a feeding tube), servicing of her 24/7 concentrator for her oxygen or refilling of her oxygen tank, a personal physiotherapist and a personal speech therapist to come in weekly and any other things that may arise for her care.

It's been many trying and heartbreaking weeks and she has a long long road to recovery. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Trudy Mason Steer

Created Apr 19, 2019 Trinidad and Tobago

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