Acute Pancreatitis, Not so cute

I am Carol Parris, and I am seeking your assistance in helping me meet my medical expenses.

Acute Pancreatitis has been my cross to bear for almost four years and has now become critical.

What is Acute Pancreatitis? "It is a sudden inflammation of the pancreas that may be mild or severe but usually subsides. Severe abdominal pain and vomitting are the predominant symptoms."

My pancreas (the organ that converts food to fuel by aiding digestion and controlling the blood sugar), becomes suddenly inflammed. In past episodes the pain was manageable and subsided but there were times I had to be hospitalised.

Just mere weeks ago, my emergency room visit was critical.

During this episode, I was rushed from work to the emergency room of one of the our public hospitals, and due to the prevailing public hospital contraints, i.e. lack of beds, etc I sat in a wheelchair for 15 1/2 hours in dreadful pain awaiting for someone on the ward to be discharged to free up a bed. Unfortunately, I was number 7 in queue.

Medical personnel did administer painkillers but to no avial. My suffering not only increased from the pain and retching but also the discomfort from sitting in a wheelchair for such a long time. Upon my persistent request the doctor agreed to allow me to sign myself out.

My daughter immediately took me to my general practitioner (GP), who advised me that due to my current state he was unable to help me and that the best thing for me was to go to a nearby private hospital for immediate attention.

After a barrage of tests were done at this private hospital, I was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where I stayed for 3 days and was subsequently warded in their Surgical Ward and was discharged 5 days later.

The specialist confirmed that surgery is required. Due to the current facilities at the public hospital, the operation will now need to be done at this private hospital.

The total of my medical expenses is $167,000.00. Due to the critical situation at the time of my admittance in the private hospital, a family friend used their life savings to pay the initial TT$100,000.00. I need to repay this kindness and pay for the surgery to improve my condition and quality of life.

Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of medical insurance and I am currently employed on a contractual basis.

This is my first attempt at crowdfunding and I will be greatly appreciative of any assistance you can provide.

Thank you for taking the time to read my plight and giving your support and may God continue to Bless you and your loved ones.

Kindest regards

Carol P
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    Praying for your full recovery Carol

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Carol Parris

Created Jun 03, 2019 Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

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