PVD @ 35

Hi, my Name is Nigel Solozano and I am in dire need of your assistance in gaining funds for my surgery.

I have been diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular Disease. Peripheral vascular disease is a disease that causes restricted blood flow to the arms, legs, or other body parts. It occurs when arteries or veins get narrower, become blocked, or spasm.

In February 2018 I began experiencing intense pain in my left leg which I assumed was due to a previous football injury however by May 2018 the pain intensified that I could no longer continue my job duties. I visited POSGH Emergency on three occasions during the next three (3) months as the pain was becoming unbearable and I hadn’t been able to sleep however the hospital doctors on all occasions assumed it to be an infection and discharged me giving me pain meds and antibiotics.

By September 2018, without the ability to sleep, walk and was ingesting all prescribed pain meds and antibiotics constantly, I visited a private doctor who notified my baby toe on my left leg was dead and had to be amputated. My toe was amputated leaving a stump but within two (2) weeks the pain intensified that I needed to return to the doctor to have the balance amputated. The doctor then diagnosed me with PVD and notified that my toe even though amputated would not heal as normal as the blood flow in my leg is too weak.

A week after having my toe fully amputated I visited a herbal doctor as my foot too had changed color and my family and I was skeptical that the gangrene May spread. I was given herbal tabs and a powder drink which eventually returned 75% of my complexion.

In March 2019 I began experiencing pain in my right leg. As time went on the pain then began mimicking the symptoms experienced in my left leg. I visited a Vascular Surgeon who then confirmed my diagnosis and explained that the surgery is urgently required as I am in risk of losing both legs.

I am now out of options as i I no longer can work nor will I have the chance to run and play with my son, provide for my family and continue life as normal as possible without having this surgery ASAP.

My family and I graciously thank you for taking the time to read my story and assisting me with your donations.

Nigel Solozano
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