SHANICE COTTOY - U18 Girls Volleyball Captain

Shanice Cottoy, our fourteen year old daughter, has been selected to captain the girls under 18 National Volleyball Team in Kingston, Jamaica from July 21-29, for the 2019 CAZOVA (Caribbean Zonal Volleyball) U-18 Girls Championship.

Shanice is a trendsetter and is extremely passionate about everything she sets her heart on! Volleyball, her first love, has captured her soul, for which she tirelessly trains daily, both with her team and personally.

It is with utmost pride, that she looks forward to representing our Red, White and Black regionally alongside her teammates. However, due to the present economic climate of our beloved country, our sporting bodies and even corporate Trinindad have not been as forth coming as one would have hoped in cases like this.

Our very own young and talented athletes are faced with grave challenges in acquiring the necessary funding which is required to represent Trinindad and Tobago at this level.

As extremely proud parents, we sincerely beseech you to financially support and assist us via this FundMeTnT account in a bid to help our daughter, along with her teammates and coaches, to realise her dream of representing our country and keeping the future of volleyball alive!

We graciously thank you all in advance.

Rachel & Virgil Cottoy ☺
  • Subrina Edghill

  • Nyla

  • Jaime Bhual


    Good luck doll!

  • Leslie-Ann Boisselle


    As a former National v/ball plyr I am happy to give. I know what it's like to wear red/white/black

  • Marc Anthony William

  • Bevon Bramble


    Continue pressing on !

  • Abrilli Phillip


    ?Gi dem!

  • Osmond Prevatt

  • Brian Paul


    Go Cottoy Go!

  • Ricci Rodriguez


    Keep going Shanice!!

#Update "Good afternoon all. Today we had a ceremonial hand over of our subvention but no cash in hand yet. However all expectations is that the payment of CAL will take place by Tuesday’s deadline. Thanks for your patience, prayers and support.

Message above from TTVF President, Mr. M. Mohammed.

In light of this, parents have still been asked to make our payments to lock in bookings in the event monies are not paid to the board on time. Also, in separate communication from the TTVF, we are informed that funding or part thereof will be for the airfare. As such, all other expenses will be met by parents.

Just sharing this info to update this campaign.


To the others, your continued assistance is greatly needed and appreciated, as there are many outstanding items to be covered at this point.

Looking forward to your support! ?

Sincerely yours,

Shanice's parents?

Ps....below is the link of the ceremonial cheque.

Rachel Cottoy

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