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"Daddy I can't feel my hand" Is possibly one of the most terrifying statements any parent would hear coming out of their child's mouth. On Tuesday 2nd July Rohan broke his left wrist while riding his bike. Normally a break like this would require just a cast and on his way. However the break has been described as "unique." It needs to be corrected or else he will loose its mobility. The full cost of the surgery and follow-up treatment will be around 20K TT$. Every little bit donated will help us to offset some of this cost as we try to raise the necessary funds.

Rohan is a 10 year old boy who loves to ride his bike, play with Lego and is obsessed with Teen Titans Go.

This money will go toward seeing that Rohan does not live in a life of pain and suffering as a result of an accident that happened while he was doing something he loved to do. I will be posting updates on my Facebook page and will definitely show progress reports and messages from Rohan himself.

Rohan thanks you and so do I.
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    Hope the kid gets well soon

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    hope all goes well

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#Update Rohan did his surgery and everything seems to be well. Here he is using one hand like a boss, to play Ms Pac-Man. He has to do multiple check-ups over the next few weeks and his cast is still temporary. But the big job is done. Hopefully everything sets normally. Thanks again to all who helped out!

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