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Pain is no stranger to me. From playing a football game for 65 minutes with a broken toe, to having a dislocated shoulder for 20 minutes; I've experienced it all.

Or so I thought.

In May 2015, I felt a jolt of pain in my right hip ever so often when I walked. It was extremely unusual because I had never experienced any type of hip pain prior. From then on, my pain progressed rapidly. There were even times when I couldn't walk because it felt as if my hips were dislocated. What first started as a jolt of pain, has now become chronic and excruciating pain in both hips and my lower back.

There is not a moment in the day when I'm not in pain. I cannot sit, walk or lie down without my hips aching. It often takes me hours to fall asleep because I'm unable to find a comfortable position that minimizes my pain.

Even though I started experiencing this in May 2015, I spent the next few years getting many different tests and procedures done and seeing numerous doctors in Trinidad and even one from the Cayman Islands. I was told by all of them that I cannot be treated locally or even regionally.

I have been to three highly specialized surgeons in New York, Philadelphia and Colorado and they've all recommended surgery on both hips in order to begin living a pain-free life again. Without these surgeries, I will obviously continue to be in constant pain, but it will also lead to osteoarthritis in my hips and eventual hip replacement some time in my future.

I physically, mentally and emotionally cannot continue living my life like this much longer. I finished my Economics degree in December 2018 but I'm unable to work because of my situation. All I dream about is being able to sit down on a chair, and not be in any pain whatsoever. I dream about the day that I can go to bed at night and wake up in the morning without agony.

I humbly ask that you consider contributing to my cause and making these dreams a reality.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. Whether you can donate or not, please share this with your friends and family!!
  • Jaimie Fernandes

  • Anonymous


    Best of luck and speedy recovery

  • Daphne Schermer

  • Erin McDonald

  • Gabriella Daniel


    I remember you from convent you were a year or two above me. Praying you are able to get the surgery

  • Sasha Powell

  • Anonymous

  • Mattheus Schmidhammer

  • Cathy Ishmael


    Praying for you dear cousin that you reach your goal and get the help you need

  • Judy V Nichols


    God is going to make this happen

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