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  • Objective: To provide scholarships for 5 refugee children to attend private schools and thereby open a path for formal education for refugee children. a) Average annual tuition per child is 35,000 TTD. b) The relevant parents are making the sacrifice to meet 10% of this amount. c) Other benefactors are committing to contributing an additional 30% of tuition. I would be most grateful if you would consider contributing at least 20USD to help cover the remaining 60% tuition and make this initiative a reality. Thanks in advance.
  • Vision: Refugee children ought not to be educated apart, but rather integrated into the community as quickly and seamlessly as possible through education alongside local children familiar with their language.
  • Problem: It is said that there are between 1,000 and 3,000 refugee children who are not in schools receiving a formal education. The lot, therefore, now falls to the private sector to alleviate this situation. Private sector response has been generous thus far. Initiatives have developed throughout the length and breadth of the country to help refugees and their children learn English as well as some form of schooling. There is, however, a shortage of opportunities for refugee children to receive a formal education that would allow them to go onto technical schools and even to Universities. A path towards the formal education of refugees needs to be established.
  • Background: In recent years, a growing number of refugees have been arriving to Trinidad and Tobago, particularly from Latin-America. In the majority of cases, these estimated 40,000 people are here as they have run out of alternatives. The motivation of migrants and their resilience to become useful members in the society in which they seek refuge stems from the hope of a better tomorrow, which could be summarized as follows: “Keep your chin up my wife/husband, … the present situation is definitely hard for us all, … but at least the life of our children would be better!” In any society, the education of each child is paramount, not only for the child’s future but for the future of society as a whole. Education of refugee children has an enormous part to play in ensuring the future stability and development of our society
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