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Hi, my name is Patricia, I am a Musculoskeletal Massage Therapist and Patient Care Attendant by profession. Over the years being in the healthcare field I realize that proper caregiving is so important. It's the key element of what gives a sick family member, friend, child, mother or father or someone in pain the encouragement and motivation to keep living and want to recover.

This campaign was created to assist in the funding of a business idea I am currently working on, which is to start a wellness and treatment center that caters to the low-income family. As well as to establish a caregiving training programme. Its sole purpose is to provide quality service for persons who are in need of care and treatment as well as to offer exceptional caregiving training for caregivers.

Health and wellness is a very important aspect of life for all of us. But it becomes more important to us as we age. That's why providing loving, compassionate caregiving is so important. For the aged, the disabled and those who may be in pain this is what is really needed during these times for them. Most times when lack of love, compassion and proper caregiving is neglected or not given people tend to give up on life and most times this is what causes premature death. Lost of hope and the feeling of being a bother to family and friends is another factor of this. Every day we have more and more people becoming sick and hospitalized. Our hospitals if you visit any time of the day is always full to capacity with people waiting to access healthcare for their problems.

So please if you like this idea and would like to support, no amount is too little. All monies given through your support will be going towards a space, equipment and various other necessities.

By developing this business, I believe it will truly make a difference in allowing low-income families to be able to access care and treatments. As well as I believe our training and development in care-giving will be a new type of caregiving that is truely heartfelt.

Thank you in advance for your efforts, donations and cooperation.
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Created Oct 19, 2019 St Augustine

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