We are dedicated to helping families with children living with scoliosis to get spinal fusion surgeries, back bracers and to assist in any way we can.
When I was 16 years old, I needed spinal fusion surgery very urgently.
My family and I battled and struggled with finances for my surgery. I was in unbearable pain and I couldn't breathe.
I was dying and we didn't have a cent to put towards my surgery... Then just the day before my surgery was due, my brother who is a pastor of a small church in Arima who was in Puerto Rico on a mission trip, came back to Trinidad and withdrew all of his money from his bank account and gave it to me for my surgery.
Now today, my team and I want to make sure that no other family has to go through what my family and I endured in regards to finances.

Thanks to the very generous help of you, the public, we have been able to help 17 families to get their children spinal fusion surgery and we have purchased a whopping 35 back bracers for 35 children under the age of 18 in less than 3 years!

We are depending on the very generous and kind assistance of the public to continue to support and aid financially the families and their children suffering from and batting scoliosis...
Thank you for your continued support over the past three years.

Donations may be directly deposited at any branch of:

Republic Bank.

Name: Sookeah Shiwlal M.D

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Sookeah Shiwlal M.D.

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