Climate Change Robotics. a (NEW) field.

What you NEED to know :

This is not, a Deadbeat. Rotten Trinidadian. Trying to Milk you.
I am Passionate about this. This is my Career. And FUTURE. The Stakes are HEIGH!.

UNLUCKING. a NEW field of Technology.

Hi. My name is Joshua Vialva. And i am an. Engineer & Entrepreneur.

And i Believe. We are all friends. Because. We are Facing, Climate Change Together.

The past, 22 years. I've kept a (DARK) Secret.

Nothing could compare!.

It was. The journey of, Self discovery. And purpose. Doesn't Sting you?. Well, that purpose blew,
with STRONG winds. Into me. Like Hurricane Dorian winds. And after, the Annihalation. Of the Bahamas. I've AWOKEN!. And the WORLD, along with it. Climate Catastrophe is NOW!.
So today. Today. It is my Great pleasure. To say. From DEEP, within the Mechanics of my heart.

It is my purpose. To create, with YOUR help. TODAY. Unmanned Robotic Systems. That PROTECTS!.

Protects our rights, to a Clean HEALTHY Climate. Protects our LOVE. Our Family and Friends.
And MOST-Importantly. One that protects. Our Children's FUTURE!.

But. Our Greatest (ENIMY!). Is not Climate Threats. Nor. The DARK. Current Government,
Our (DEVIL!). Is doing NOTHING!. Just Always doing Nothing. ( The DEVIL'S Throne!. Is Us!. Doing Nothing!) So I want to address that Today!. It's Either Climate Change, Accelerates Quicker. Bringing Death NOW!. Or. We Act Quick. We Act NOW!.

To HELP Start this Company. Its very Easy. All you have to do. Is Simply Give. Any amount, in your own Unique Budget. SIMPLE!. Our goal is to raise $3.000.000. So we ask,for $500.000. And
we add-up. With our other Crowdfunding sites. Songs AMAZING!. And. To make it, even MORE
Beneficial. You can Win-Yourself. Cash REWARDS!. Check your Right-hand Side. For YOURS!. >>
Or down below.
Now. I've always, LOVED Engineering. But was lost, in Purpose.

The Creation of this company. Ignites, Every Red Vibrating Cell. In my Black body.
This Company, is my Sistine Chaple. And i am Michelangelo. And my Work of Art. Is all yours.
To BENIFIT. And Behold. With JOY & Awe.

When you give. Today. TODAY!. Funds, will be utilized. To pay off. Business plan. (Writing Fees).
(Important Reports). (Employee Training). (Raw Materials). (Location & Infrastructure). (Testing Facilities). Ect. Make no Mistake. In Elon Musk's Words. Starting a Business, is BRUTAL!.
And Brutally Expensive as Well!.
But. The Rewards are Amazing. Not just in Cash.
But in the { HEARTS }. Of all the people, of the WORLD. That were POSITIVELY Touched.

Thank you, for your Support. TODAY.

And we hope. You will be part. Of our even BIGGER. Company Family. With our FUTURE, IPO-

( IPO ) - Initial Public Offering. Stocks/Shares.

NOW!. Over the 105 people. That have Read this Content. 86% have Liked, LOVED! & Shared.
Please feel Free, to do so as well. Today(:

Now. What is Climate Change Robotics?. Divine Robotics.Inc. This company!
We are Focused. In Three Industries. Search & Rescue. Emergency Preppers Gear. Unmanned Military
Systems. And Climate Monitoring & Green house Absorption. In our current Climate Crisis!. These are
the fields. That we are Incorporating, for SUCCESSFUL Management!.
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Joshua Vialva

Created Oct 31, 2019 Trinidad and Tobago

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