Christmas & New Years Helpathon

I know i would be asking too much around the christmas holidays and the upcoming New Year 2020, but there is still time to help those who are unfortunate and struggling out there to survive. I'm only 42 years living in a blessed country i call "HOME" but for the 414 people out there in TNT who don't have Nothing to call a Home makes me want to cry.

YES ! There are approximately 414 homeless people or more with the majority living on the streets of Port of Spain, San Fernando and Arima in Trinidad & Tobago.

The startling statistic was made known yesterday Wednesday 18th December 2019 by the ministry’s permanent secretary Jacinta Bailey-Sobers at a sitting of the Joint Select Committee on Social Services and Public Administration at the J Hamilton Maurice Room at the Parliament building.

She said a count done in November last year revealed that there were 22 women living on the street. : (

“We have statistics with respect to the end of November 2019 which would have given us a national number of 414 persons: 27 in Arima, 60 in San Fernando, 177 in Port of Spain.”

This present government is NOT doing anything to bless those who are in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter for the holiday season. The funds will be use to purchase Food items, clothing and a temporary lodging till our so called people's government do something.

We preach and teach about loving one another and remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us, but where is the Agape Love (God's Love) towards these ppl.

Please by giving a small and generous amount will help one person smile again !!
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