Medical Expenses Prostate Cancer Surgery

Exactly 2 years ago my Father went through his option of having Prostrate Cancer Surgery. He was diagnosed nearly 9 months prior and I Never knew, I just realized he was dropping weight and my Mother insisted he go to the Doctor for a check up.

About 10 years ago he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and I must admit that was the scariest thing for me, but with his terrific Doctor Dr.Farfan he was able to overcome it with a great sense of humour and a positive loving attitude.

4 years before my Mother endured hip surgery, not exactly hip but more fractured the bones in the front attaching her pelvic bone and socket, due to a fall.Unfortunately does not have Insurance and went to different doctors until she found a very good specialist. That was 2 years of doctor appts, bed rest and then the surgery and then a full time nurse for a period of time.

When my Father was diagnosed it was like a snowball effect, as we were/are still paying off her surgery and now with him he has No insurance due to the Colon Cancer he had before and his age.
He kept postponing the surgery and it hurt me badly to see all this happening to my parents as they are the most lovely, generous in love couple, especially my Dad who has sacraficed for his kids and is very warm and helpful to family and friends.

They do NOT believe in Fundraisers at all, I begged to do one to tears for over a year and more, but they refused until finally They allowed me to do a Small fundraiser with a restaurant but it was extremely small, I got a handful of donations from very lovely people who i am grateful for.
If you can donate it will be for their loan which is $120 000tt to help pay as they made a short term loan,3 years, which will help so much and can help continue to "live" without constantly thinking about bills as the time frame is so short and other obstacles have come up unexpectedly.
Please donate and Bless you.
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    Family,Hopefully all goes well ,Gregory

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    I truely hope this helps you dad xx

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    God's supernatural Healing and Peace

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