Save My Life - Life saving surgery needed

You hear the word cancer, tumor, carcinoma or something else and your world stops for a bit. That is what happened for Mom, as she sat in a chair next to me, at my oncologist's office. She heard what I heard the day before from my gynecologist. It was easier for me. I had a bit more time to come to terms with my diagnosis. I knew this was a possibility weeks prior when I began bleeding after being in menopause for years. The biopsy results - Endometrioid Carcinoma - (Well Differentiated) which is a form of CANCER of the Uterus.

So here I am with the diagnosis, it is time sensitive and surgery is indicated. This life-saving surgery is expensive, the estimated cost TT$ 100,000.00. Unfortunately, I am not covered by medical insurance.

Family, Friends, Colleagues I need your help. Much of my life I worked to assist the communities I lived in and a member of. Now I need you. I need and I am asking for your help to fight this disease and get me back to health. Anything you can donate I will greatly appreciate it for every $1.00 get me that much closer to having the surgery.

Please donate now. If you are unable to, you can still assist by asking others to donate and by sharing this campaign.


    I'm here for you always...God bless!

  • Joy Tolbert


    You are healed in Jesus name.

  • Deyone Milana Guiseppi


    Hope you get all the support you need and recover as quickly as possible!

  • Nadine Lewis Agard

  • Gomez Family - Russell


    Get well soon and wishing you a speedy recovery

  • Patti Lue Shue


    Sending you healing vibez. Hugs

  • Maria Fontenelle


    Will continue to think of you with positive healing energy

  • Cleopatra

  • 000790902454986

  • Lysanne Charles


    Sending you all, All, ALL the positive energies and strength

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Suzanne Faye Gomez-Ferdinandus

Created Jan 09, 2019 Trinidad

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