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This fondation is to help some women who are in need of financial assistance

  1. These women want to remain anonymous due owing of debts, criticism
  2. In helping these women you will be also helping their children, babies and having a roof over their heads
  3. These women has no financial income, has no family members that wants to help them.
  4. Two of my ladies are being evicted by this month. And don't have anywhere else to go.
  5. They are in need of food supplies, for the babies milk, Pampers and other household items.
Helping these women is my greatest gift because me myself had experience being without anything for myself and my children.
I know them from other people who they have asked for help from. Its the matter of kindness, generosity. I am not judging them because only they know they know their situation.
I am asking for some assistance for these ladies..
Thank you
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Farina Mohammed

Created Jan 18, 2019 Naparima Mayaro Road

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