Hello my name is Jamel Bartholomew, i am 36 years old and this is one of the most embarassing things I've ever had to do however my back is against the wall and i could barley help myself. On April 18, 2020 I was the passenger in a car accident, where i was ejected from the vehicle and landed in a drain. I'm lucky and thankful to be alive today by the grace of God. I sustained serious injuries . A fractured spine and ribs, a broken nose, broken right forearm, a head contusion and a paralysed left arm, which is the worst injury out of all called a Brachel Plexus injury. This injury affects the nerves. I spent two and a half months in the hospital during the pandemic. I've also been through a spine surgery in which they reinforced my spine with plates and screws and also had rods placed in my upper back to support my upper body as well. My life has changed forever, not only am i not able to work, but also my daily living functions have become extremly challenging. I've been back and forth with Dr. Ramcharan and his team at Port of Spain General hospital. However they told me that there is nothing they can do due to too many different nerves being damaged and the graph surgery that i would need is not preformed in Trinidad & Tobago. So I started doing my homework to find out where the surgery can be preformed and how much the surgery would cost. What ever can be donated to help towards the surgery will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.
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Brachel Plexus Surgery

by Jamel Bartholomew
Created Jun 17, 2021 | Arima, Trinidad
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