Future Leaders Funding is aimed at acquiring funding for school books and necessities for underprivileged children. It is without doubt, an unfortunate reality that there are so many of our nations children being denied the right to an education because of varying circumstances, finances being the major factor. Nevertheless, we can make a difference, we can offer assistance to our future leaders and we can shape a better tomorrow.
As little as it may seem.....Your contribution to this cause can make a difference to a child's future....a child's dream....
  • Dionne Garcia
    Dionne Garcia donated $1,350
  • Kevin Cam
    Kevin Cam donated $506

    God Bless!

  • Kerryann Mohammed
    Kerryann Mohammed donated $675
  • Nadia Aziz
    Nadia Aziz donated $1,013

    Derek and I are happy to help send these kids to school. May you be rewarded for your efforts Robert.

  • Kerri Costa
    Kerri Costa donated $169

    Doing it for the kids ?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $203
  • Rachel Khan
    Rachel Khan donated $1,350

    Let’s do this!!!!

  • Robert
    Robert donated $1,343
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Future Leaders Funding

by Future Leaders Funding
Created Aug 09, 2022 | Princes Town, Moruga
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