Hello everyone, this campaign is geared toward helping a bright young lady pay off a $30,000 debt so that she may be able to complete her degree. Without YOUR help I am afraid there is no way for her to accomplish her dreams.

Sherica initially started her degree program some years ago. Her eyes twinkled as she relayed to her family the exciting news of being accepted into university. Everyone was elated.

You see, getting to this point was not without its challenges. As early as three years old, the news of her father's untimely death enveloped the family with grief. Even though she had her mother, this tragedy only propelled her family deeper into financial struggles and poverty. This ultimately caused her to miss many days of school. Despite the many obstacles faced, she was able to successfully graduate secondary school and qualify to attend university.

At university, Sherica excelled and was able to maintain an optimum GPA. Unfortunately, the cost of university proved to great and she had to make the regrettable decision to put her studies on hold.

Sherica longed to continue school, especially since she knew she had the potential to be successful. She decided, that after the distress was subdued and the storms evaded, she would go back and finish her degree. Alas, she was informed that due to registration discrepancies a debt of $30,000 was incurred. This money had to be paid if she wanted to continue studying.

This is where YOU come in. The money that you contribute will be used to help pay off this debt. Any amount would be appreciated and will make a difference. Moreover, YOUR help would in turn enable her to help others in the future. We will keep you updated on the progress made. Thank you for you help.
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by Sherica Daire
Created Jun 26, 2021 | Trinidad and Tobago
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