Hi, my name is Daniela Woolford and I am from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Presently, I am a final year student at the College of Science Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago otherwise known as COSTAATT, completing my Associate’s degree in Biology. In the month of December 2019, I was accepted as a transfer student into Georgia Southern University in the United States of America to do my Bachelor’s degree also in Biology. Due to my outstanding academic performance, I was also awarded a partial scholarship valued at US$11,447 annually. I was expected to begin my studies in the Fall semester of 2020 in August however because of certain setbacks I was unable to and therefore deferred my start date to the Spring semester of 2021 in January. One of these setbacks includes the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic and the other being my family’s lack of finances to cover my entire tuition as well as other expenses. While the world is experiencing the first, I will elaborate a little on the latter. I come from humble beginnings growing up with my grandparents as a result of my mother passing away and my father being absent for most of my life. With the passing of my grandfather, brought new financial strain as he was the breadwinner of the family. As a result, our lack of finances often made it extremely difficult to make ends meet. Despite this, my ambition to create a better life for myself and my family only grew and school became a positive outlet. To say the least, it has not been easy but it all paid off when I got accepted into Georgia Southern University.
With the deduction of the scholarship, my estimated balance due to the University is US$19,399 annually. This includes my tuition, University fees, residence hall alongside meal plan as well as insurance. Apart from this, my expenses such as books and supplies, and other necessities are estimated at US$4,460 annually. All in all, my total estimate is US$23,859 approximately US$24,000 which is approximate TT$162,889.20. As a result of additional service and processing fees for the donations made, my campaign estimate is TT$239,079 (US$35,306). Please note, I would not be collecting this amount when the various fees are deducted.
With this being said, I am pleading with you to not only help this dream of being enrolled at Georgia Southern University become a reality but also the prospects of my future. Your donations are greatly appreciated!
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    Good luck

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Help me get to Georgia Southern University!

by Daniela
Created Oct 10, 2020 | Trinidad and Tobago
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