My name is Nicola and my fiance is Jayon. We really want to have a family together. I have children of my own but Jay does not and he wants to have at least one child. I tied my tubes on the request of my son's father because he did not want to have any more children, I agreed because my doctor assured me that I could have it reversed in the future, but when I went to the hospital with a referral letter, they tell me that they don't tie the tubes the actually burn them. I went for other medical opinions and was advised to go with the IVF procedure instead of the reversal tubal ligation, because the chances are very slim that the pregnancy would take place in the uterus, I'll more likely suffer an ectopic pregnancy . It's two years that Jayon and I are in a committed relationship, we love each other dearly, despite our challenges we have decided to spend our lives together. We want to work with the option given to us by the doctor and that's the IVF procedure. It's cost is $40,000. We are reaching out to this platform because we have exhausted all other options for assistance. We thank all who contributes to our added joy by making Jay a father.
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Help us to raise funds for an IVF procedure

by Nicola Bishop
Created Feb 05, 2021 | Port of Spain
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