My name is Chyienne Samuel, I'm 21 years old and I recently got accepted into a US medical school and I'm trying to receive funding in any way possible to help this dream of mine become a reality.
I started this FundMe as it seems this is my last resort for the help I'll need to go to medical school and be able to give back to society all the while doing what I love. My initial plan for financial aid through local financial institutions and the government, turned out to be a dead end as they all said they do not provide financial aid for students enrolled in these programs.
As far as financial assistance from my parents goes, my mum has always been the one to support and provide for me as a single parent. Unfortunately, she has not been well for about the past 10 years and is not in a financial position to foot my medical school expenses on her own.
I know I can't expect to help others if I can't help myself but I'm doing my best. I've applied, and still am, to several jobs with the hope of securing one to help contribute towards my tuition and other expenses that comes with attending medical school.
I am supposed to start January 04, 2021 and I will be eternally grateful for anything you are able to do to help me pursue my passion for helping people with medical issues and educating them on the proper care of themselves and their loved ones, and about finding the trusted sources to get healthcare information from, so as to protect each other in these scary times.
I will also love to be able to give back to my mother in more ways than one, to be able to take care of her and to one day tell her that she no longer has to work 2 jobs through chronic pain anymore to provide for me and get the money for her treatment and medication.
I have volunteer experience at hospitals and special needs children's homes. I was the PRO for my university's science club for 2 years and I've received Student Worker of the Year Award for the academic year: 2019-2020. I have also worked with babies, toddlers and young children in the past as a Child Care Attendant for after school activities. Lastly, I was a cashier at a craft store when they were short staffed as well, during school vacation periods.
My classmates and I have done research on type II diabetes (which is one of the highest common lifestyle diseases here in T&T) to test and compare the effectiveness of local herbal remedies and the most commonly used pharmaceuticals (metformin etc.) used in the treatment of type II diabetes. Interestingly enough we found that on their own, the pharmaceuticals were more effective by a small percentage, however patients given both the herbal teas and pharmaceuticals showed the highest percentage of improvement in their condition. During our research for the analysis of this conclusion, we found 1 other paper that presented research data with similar findings.
Thank you so much for your help! :)
If you prefer to donate directly to me, here is my info:
Name: Chyienne Samuel
Bank: First Citizens Bank Limited
Account Number: 2396606
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    I really hope you're successful Chyienne! ❤️

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I Need Help with Medical School Tuition

by Chyienne Samuel
Created Jun 25, 2020 | Trinidad and Tobago
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