Dear Fellow Earthlings,

My name is Abby Williams and I am Artist, Vegan, Animal and Planet lover.

My Sister and I constructed a temporary space to house cats and kittens we rescued. .

We love these animals and they certainly occupy those spaces in our hearts.
Our goal is to expand the tight space they are currently in.
We need to rebuild our Kitty Space for our growing Cat family.
It is growing since we are magnets for homeless cats and our encounters with abandoned kitties are continuous.

The success of this KITTY SPACE campaign will help us to construct a tall, wide kitty shelter to accommodate all the cats. It will not only give them enough space to live, breathe, move around and play, but enable us to accommodate more stranded animals.
The area needs to be constructed from foundation to finish and fitted inside with the most relevant infrastructure.

If you would like to donate to this cause it would certainly make a difference in the Feline world. We would be grateful for your input. Feel free to email me at should you require more info.
Thank You for reading and caring.

(Update as at April 4 2022. We are up to 33 Cats in total. There were a total of 4 pregnant cats in the rescues).
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    Thank you so much for helping them. Bless you guys and the future babies ?

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by Abby Williams
Created Jan 29, 2022 | Diego Martin
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