My brother Kamal rambally the father of 3 young kids have been suffering from highblood pressure he was admitted in hospital may 15th 2017 his pressure was so high that it damaged his kidneys in 2019 a bus ran into their little home leaving them without a home and was under the care of his elderly parents he is unable to work since 2017 because of his illness he is not financially stable as he has grown in a very poor family struggling to make ends meet he got sick may 1st 2023 we took him to the health center then they send him to Mt hope where they were certain his two kidneys have failed on him and he is in stage 5 so they discharge him yesterday 11th of May 2023 now he is in need of dialysis which is 9000 for 3 sessions a week and after we will have to get a donor which is costing 250000 I will be highly appreciative with any kind of help offered to him.
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My brother needs help! (It's an emergency!)

by Jessica
Created May 12, 2023 | Central trinidad
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