In December of 2018, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer after having a false negative pap smear. Today, marks 1 year and 1 month since I had what was considered a successful surgery, I can barely stand for 15 minutes due to severe back pain. My main reason for requesting assistance is that I am unable to attain medical care, due to a lack of funding. I have been back and forth at the local hospital, doing MRI's and CT scans over the past five months and to date, I am yet to receive the report. I have been treated with Morphine and Pethidine injections which have very little to no effect and honestly I'm tired. I went to a private doctor as recently as Friday and she honestly said that there's nothing she could do to help me without the reports. Honestly, I'm requesting anyone's assistance just so the doctors can rule out a cancer reoccurrence and be able to live pain free and see my children grow up.

Any assistance rendered would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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  • After consulting with a doctor from the Chipsa Hospital in Tijuana Baja, California, based on my symptoms, unfortunately, it appears to be a cancer reoccurrence. Treatment for this reoccurrence amounts to USD $33,427.00 which is approximately TTD $234,000.00. I am both scared and confused at the moment, because after I had surgery for this same reason, it has yet again reared its ugly head. I'm scared because I would really like to be around to see my children become adults.

    I'm praying that cancer isn't the death of me and God allows me to have this request.

    Any assistance rendered would be greatly appreciated and any words of encouragement would help to salvage what's left of a broken spirit.

    Thank you in advance.


Please help me get treatment

by Nicola Clarke
Created Mar 09, 2020 | Tobago
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