Hello everyone! My name is Rosandra Hosein and I am a 2nd yr medical student at the University of the West Indies Cavehil Campus.
This campaign serves to cover Tuition expenses for the past academic year 2019/2020.
Because of this balance, I am unable to register for the current academic year as well as access online course material, class and exam links.
My parents are extremely humble people that have been trying their best to cover the cost however covid has made it even more difficult. My mother is self employed and thus far has been only making enough to pay the bills in our household. My father is what is termed an essential worker and because he has taken a loan previously to fund half of the past academic year, he is unable to take another to cover the rest of the expenses.
I was unable to have GATE cover the past academic year because it was a repeat year. Even though, I successfully attained funding for the current academic year, the school has refused to allow me to register to at least do an exam.
Your help would be greatly appreciated, I thank you all in advanced and I hope y'all continue to be safe.
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Please help Rosandra Hosein in attaining her dream of becoming a Medical Doctor.

by Rosandra Hosein
Created Oct 08, 2020 | Sangre Grande
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