Good day I am a very driven fairly educated individual with two small business ideas I would like to make a reality.. Unfortunatly I cannot do this alone and my family and friends are unable to help. I have been to all the major banking institutions and I am unable to secure the loan in an amount that would be sufficient to start any of the businesses and I'm currently working two jobs to get the funds but it still does not seem like enough.. I'm planning an online supply store and another business I won't put here because the idea has not been done here before.

And my last idea to hold a lion fish fishing competition in Tobago. Then sell the fish back to select hotels who by that time would have had trained cheffs to prepare it as a local delicacy. Was stolen by an influencial indevidual in Tobago who only carried out half the plan.

It's hard enough to get anyone to listen to you when you ask for help in this society and worst yet being an able bodied young man. But I am really trying to put things in place the founds will be used to register the business name and put things in place to make sure it it is legally registered and it will also create a few jobs. If any one can see it fit to help me it will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you once again
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Small business idea to come to fluition

by Khyle dumas
Created Mar 29, 2021 | San Juan, Trinidad
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