Hi everyone. I want to start off with saying thank you for whatever support you extend to Korey and I as we embark on another chapter in our lives.

This is a SURPRISE WEDDING, yes you read right. Korey has no idea I'm planning this and I would need all the help I can get.
Most of you may not know who I am and what will compel me to make this huge decision.

Korey and I meet in 2011 through our mature love for Karaoke. We became really good friends and after a couple of years we both wanted to be more then friends but we were too shy to speak to each other about the topic.

We parted ways and shortly after we reunited and Korey was hell bent on being in my life forever. However, everytime he proposed I felt like I wasn't ready and he proposed a lot.

This year, I proposed and I decided to give him one more big surprise before he gets what he always wanted .

Can you please help me keep this a secret while helping me put this surprise together?
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Surprise Wedding

by Nikita
Created Apr 10, 2021 | Mt. Hope
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