We are a non-profit organization attempting to bring our community and by extension the Country, to the standard it ought to be by ensuring that the basic amenities currently lacking are no longer a concern in today's society.

There are several land slides that are in urgent need of attention and some that are threatening to cut off our members, deplorable roads, no community center, lack of proper maintenance on the John Agitation Recreation Ground and a lack of facilities required to support same (no running water, toilet and/or pavilion exists) just to name a few.

By contributing to the Caratal Village Council, you would be investing in the well being of our community as we are striving to survive in these harsh times. By providing these basic resources to facilitate improved driving conditions, basic amenities and repairs to life threatening landslides, you would be investing into the lives of our villagers and their families who rely on these conveniences each and every day.

We thank you in advance for any contribution made no matter how small and humbly ask that any contribution made be followed up with an email to our official email address accompanied by your full name and the amount donated to us, so that we can personally thank you for your contribution and also keep proper financial records.

Our email address is and we are the Caratal Village Council.

One goal; striving towards a united community, with the objective of building a better Trinidad and Tobago...
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The CVC Fund Raising Initiative

by CVC
Created Jun 21, 2021 | St Marie Emmanuel - Caratal - Guatapajaro Road
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