USD$ Payout

US$ Payout

Beginning February 1st 2019, FundMeTnT will be offering the OPTION of receiving a campaign payout in US$ (U.S. Dollars).

However, note that the default payment currency for campaign payouts on FundMeTnT is TT$ (Trinidad and Tobago Dollars). A US$ payout is an option which must be requested and meet the necessary terms and conditions in order to be disbursed.

A campaign which chooses to receive a payout in US$ must meet the terms and conditions below.

1. Campaigns must have a minimum amount of funds raised of TT$50,000.00.

  • The US$ Payout is related to TT$50,000.00 minimum amount of funds raised with ONLINE DONATIONS ONLY (i.e. Card Donations).
  • For example, if a campaign received TT$30,000.00 in card donations and TT$20,000.00 in cash donations. This campaign would not qualify for a US$ Payout.

2. Campaigns must be ended (finished). 

  •     FundMeTnT does not offer early or interim payouts in US$.
  •     US$ payouts are made ONLY at the end of a Campaign.

3. The Campaign Organizer must have a US$ account available to receive US$ currency.

4. The Campaign Organizer must provide FULL wire transfer instructions of the person/organisation to receive the US$ funds.


For more information on US$ Payout, email us at or find us on Facebook at and send us a private message there for further correspondence.