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The Dojang - Kids Taekwon-Do Show

Trinidad Taekwon-Do

The Dojang is a weekly program dedicated to teaching kids Taekwon-Do. Our focus...

73 days left $3,206 Raised 11%

Goal $30,000

Raising hope for Salim

Nicole Agostini

Salim Williams is a 7 yr old boy who was born naturally and without any complica...

No deadline $5,933 Raised 6%

Goal $100,000

Janessa's Heartbeat

Kyle Grant

11 year old Janessa has thalassemia. Since the age of one, she has known needles...

No deadline $878 Raised 0%

Goal $800,000

Alexa's Hip Surgery Fund

Alexa Butts

Pain is no stranger to me. From playing a football game for 65 minutes with a br...

No deadline $14,033 Raised 1%

Goal $1,000,000

Saving Marriages, Building Healthy Families

Russel Aching

Help us today, so we can provide hope for tomorrow… Over the past 20+ years we h...

43 days left $675 Raised 1%

Goal $50,000

PVD @ 35

Tricia Heath

Hi, my Name is Nigel Solozano and I am in dire need of your assistance in gainin...

8 days left $5,164 Raised 4%

Goal $140,000

Ongoing Therapy Costs for Joaquin

Michelle Foreman

My son Joaquin Foreman is high functioning autistic, has ADHD, sensory processin...

No deadline $3,881 Raised 13%

Goal $30,000

Kate Wong - Surgery Needed


Dear Family, friends, Many of you know my mother, Kate. She has supported and in...

No deadline $4,880 Raised 2%

Goal $200,000

Holy Trinity Cathedral Restoration Project


The historic Holy Trinity Cathedral located in Port-of-Spain(POS) in Trinidad &a...

1565 days left $2,025 Raised 0%

Goal $5,000,000

Children's Education Sponsorship

Till All Hear

Meet Rahul (boy in the picture) and Stefan (founder of Till All Hear). Rahul liv...

No deadline $7,912 Raised 23%

Goal $35,000

Rally for Shally

Shalisha Stewart

Just over the last six months. I've gone from promising runway model to fighting...

No deadline $12,750 Raised 18%

Goal $72,000

Devante Laurence Development Fund


FundMeTnT is proud to launch our Future Athlete Series with Devante Laurence. We...

42 days left $1,666 Raised 7%

Goal $25,000






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FundMeTnT is a service of BGH Services Inc.