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PrideTT20/2.0 Infrastructure Drive

Rudolph Hanamji

In 2018 & 2019 PrideTT saved lives and highlighted the positive contributon...

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Goal $50,000

Necessary Arts - Keeping Our Home

Penelope Spencer

Necessary Arts was conceptualized in Harlem, New York in the 90's and founded as...

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Goal $15,000

PC Plenty Comedy with Penelope and Cecilia

Stephen Doobal

Penelope Spencer and Cecilia is bringing PC | Plenty ComedyWe are taking the lau...

No deadline $1,451 Raised 10%

Goal $15,000

OMG LIVE | Quarantine Edition

Stephen Doobal

Trinidad and Tobago's top entertainers coming together Mondays to Friday 2-3 pm...

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Goal $60,000

Helping young women come off the streets

Kylise Romain

This campaign is aimed at providing assisstance to young women on the streets. A...

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Goal $15,000

Christmas & New Years Helpathon

Rudy Ramkissoon

I know i would be asking too much around the christmas holidays and the upcoming...

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Goal $30,000

Every Child Matters

Nikesha St Omer

I believe that Christmas is for kids, although we as adults may love Christmas a...

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Goal $275,000

Help a child, Change a Life.

Purple Pine Foundation

We can only weigh our functionality as a community, based on how we protect and...

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Goal $50,000