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A new laptop

Camille H

My HP laptop died suddenly and I would like assistance in purchasing a new one t...

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Goal $6,800

Climate Change Robotics. a (NEW) field.

Joshua Vialva

What you NEED to know :This is not, a Deadbeat. Rotten Trinidadian. Trying to Mi...

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Goal $500,000

Trees of Secrets

Joan MAndelien

Nature has discovered it all. Although there is struggle and competition, there...

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Goal $10,000

Wellness Centre & Caregiving Training


Hi, my name is Patricia, I am a Musculoskeletal Massage Therapist and Patient Ca...

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Goal $1,500,000

The Origi-Nile Project

Honey Origi-Nile

Hi my name is Sankofa, but most of my friends call me Honey ,which you all are w...

No deadline $135 Raised 0%

Goal $30,000

The Dojang - Kids Taekwon-Do Show

Trinidad Taekwon-Do

The Dojang is a weekly program dedicated to teaching kids Taekwon-Do. Our focus...

16 days left $3,308 Raised 11%

Goal $30,000


Kemba Sancho

Reglasstt is a movement. Recycling glass bottle waste. Saving them from drains,...

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Goal $100,000

Help make a child smile :)

Felicia Gonzales

This campaign was created to assist in the funding of a local business idea. It'...

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Goal $6,000