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Soomatie Sankar Colorectal Cancer Foundation

Judy Henry

The Soomatie Sankar Colorectal Foundation is in the process of helping individua...

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Goal $10,000

Help me Build a TV Studio


The TV Studio would be used to share local content within Trinidad and Tobago.

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Goal $100,000


Regina Greaves

Currently don't av a toilet or running water. Any assistant will be greatly appr...

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Goal $20,000

Healing after Abuse


Hi there, My name is Ashley. I’ve recently founded The Shakti Foundation f...

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Goal $5,000

Charity for the Needy

Dominic Brathwaite

Hi my name is Dominic Brathwaite and I believe it has always been my purpose to...

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Goal $100,000

Printers Needed

Richard Oliver Johm

I run a family business where we service our community with photocopying service...

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Goal $6,000

Funds for Rent

Angela Griffith

I'm a single mother attempting to raise funds to pay rent for last and this mont...

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Goal $3,000

Homes Food & Clothes

Nicole Brooker

Living in Trinidad for 24 years have thought me that the government will not hel...

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Goal $300,000