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Single mother


I am trying to raise money to finish school. I got pregnant and I had to go on l...

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Goal $7,800

A brighter education

Crystal John

Hi I am currently a std2 teacher at Brighton school. As you know std2 is conside...

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Goal $20,000

Student Nurse Struggles

Saabira Abdul-Haqq Bailey

My name is Saabira Abdul-Haqq Bailey. I am a Student Nurse, a final year student...

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Goal $8,500

Aston University

Rianne Patterson

Please help me to raise money to go to Aston University in Birmingham, UK.I am c...

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Goal $100,000

Help Me Attend Dalhousie University!

Jordanne Steer

Hi Everyone!My name is Jordanne Steer, I'm 18 years old and an aspiring Analytic...

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Goal $175,000

Beausejour Community Council Homework Centre

Beausejour Community Council

The Beausejour Community Council, located in Blue Basin, Trinidad is one of the...

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Goal $10,000

Fun Educational Book Series


The cause of my campaign would be to fund my (kids/teachers/parents) interactive...

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Goal $100,000

Abbytopia of Hope

Maria Subrath

What is Abbytopia of Hope?We are a registered educational & non profit organ...

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Goal $100,000