How it works

FundMeTnT | Blue Guruz Inc.


Make a Donation

You can donate to a campaign as follows:

Donate Online by selecting the campaign you would like to donate to, then use your VISA or MASTERCARD (Debit / Credit Card) to make the payment.
Donating with your card on FundMeTnT is the same simple process as with normal online purchases.




Create a Campaign

Creating a campaign is super easy.

In order to Create a Campaign on Fund Me TnT, you must first register for an account by clicking the "Sign Up" button.
Registration is fast and requires only your Full Name, Email Address and Password.

After you have registered on FundMeTnT you're now able to Create a Campaign.
In order to do this, you must first select the "Create Campaign" button.

Now you can create a campaign by simply entering the information related to your campaign.

1. Choose a picture for your campaign (Resolution minimum is 800px X 400px)
2. Give your campaign a title.
3. Choose the category for your campaign.
4. Set a campaign goal by entering the amount of money you would like to raise.
5. Set your location.
6. Choose your campaign deadline day (the day your campaign ends)
7. Tell your story by entering information about your campaign in the "About the campaign" area.
8. Then click the "Create Campaign" button.

You're done!

Your campaign is now ready to receive donations worldwide with your account and/or via VISA/MasterCard Debit or Credit cards.
For Trinidad & Tobago Donors, note that LINX cards are not accepted.


Share your Campaign

Share your campaign on social media, email, or WhatsApp to get more exposure for donations.

Option 1: Use the FacebookTwitter, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, SMS Text Message or Embed Code share buttons on your campaign page - the Embed Code share button is good for Instagram, Snapchat, Signal and other social and digital media channels not directly built into FundMeTnT.

Option 2: Use the "Copy Link" feature on your campaign page to share on any applicable platform as applicable.



View your Dashboard

Your campaigns all have full data accessible to you in the FundMeTnT dashboard.

Once you have signed in to FundMeTnT, you are then able to access your dashboard.

Your dashboard can be found next to the "Create a Campaign" button.
Select the drop-down list "user icon" next to the Create a Campaign button and then choose "Dashboard".

With the FundMeTnT dashboard, you're able to:

1. View all donations data with information on each payment.
2. View charts and graphs on your campaign progress by day, week, month.
3. Edit your personal information and set a picture for your profile.


Edit your Information

You can edit your personal information also by using your dashboard.

Select Account Settings from the same drop-down list used when selecting "Dashboard".

Using Account Settings, you're able to:

1. Change your email address.
2. Change your password.
3. Set a profile picture for your account.


Request Payout

Requesting a payout is simple using FundMeTnT.
Go to your dashboard then choose "Campaigns" from the left side menu.
If you are viewing from your mobile device, expand your menu (click on the menu icon) to show the menu options.

Your "Campaigns" page lists all your campaigns and there is a column labeled "Payout".
The "Payout" column displays the current Payout Values of all your campaigns.

Now that you know your Payout value, email a request for payout to with the subject: Withdrawal Request.
Blue Guruz are the owners of the FundMeTnT service.

In your request email, please state the following: 

  • Campaign Number
  • Bank Name 
  • Name on the Account to be paid 
  • Account Number (include the Transit Number for Scotiabank Accounts)
  • Amount you wish to withdraw.


1. Standard Payout Processing: Payouts are made ten (10) business days from the date of a withdrawal request made during our work hours (9AM - 4PM Monday - Friday), unless it is not a business day. Any withdrawal requests made after our work hours or on a day which is not a business day (e.g. due to a public holiday) will be processed in ten (10) business days from the next business day. 

2. Expedited Payout Processing: Payouts can be expedited such that they will be paid within the next three (3) business days from the date of a withdrawal request. Note that an expedited request will attract an additional fee (the "Expedited Service Fee") which is outlined and illustrated in the Terms of Service & Fees page.




Use a picture that makes your campaign look good.

Remember, this is what people see about your needs. It is highly recommended to use an image that looks professional and gives a great visual representation of you or your beneficiary.

Tell a great story with as much information as possible. Think of yourself as the person making the donation; is the information (story) behind the campaign enough to encourage you to donate? If the answer is no, then add more information or edit the information you have already done for your campaign.

We recommend including a 20% buffer in your Campaign's target fundraising amount to cater for processing and service fees and try to keep your target amount at a reasonable level as amounts too large may discourage donors because they believe it's unattainable.

FundMeTnT is the platform for receiving donations, the responsibility for sharing, marketing, and/or advertising your campaign is entirely up to you - so be proactive, creative and aggressive in spreading your message.