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We have all been faced with the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic. In Trinidad we’re lucky enough to be phasing out of our stay at home order and into our new normal. The damage left in its wake is at varying degrees for each individual, some left worse off than others.
In addition to this, there are persons who suffer from severe anxiety and depression. For those of us fortunate not to have this challenge, it is sometimes hard for us to know just how debilitating it can get. Getting up each day is a struggle. Often a person in this situation begins to lose hope and lose a reason to live each day. The way depression takes over your mind is hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it. A person in this situation can often begin to believe that the people in their lives are better off without them. Over the years Trinidad and Tobago’s suicide rate has become the third highest in the Caribbean.
(More stats here: )
A second chance is an initiative to help specific individuals get the second chance at life they deserve.
Whether they were unable to work to begin with due to their mental health challenges or have now been unemployed due to the pandemic, many are suffering not knowing how they will afford next month’s food and rent. Still others have no family or support to turn to and naturally they cannot afford mental health care. Financial burdens on their own are a huge cause of stress for many, coupled with anxiety and depression is a challenge 100 times harder than we can imagine.
This is my first campaign of this initiative and it is to provide financial help to a specific individual who has tried everything to stay afloat this pandemic and is losing hope day by day. This person is already on medication provided free from our local government health clinics (thank you!!). However, at a certain point the stress of financial burden, poor living conditions and waking up each day with a sense of hopeless dread starts to outweigh the helpful benefits of medication.
Any donation you could provide would potentially help this individual and the others to follow from this initiative to believe there is hope and a reason to live.
By helping in any way you can, you may just save a life.
We know that not everyone is in a position to help financially so we ask that you share this campaign, that will be a tremendous help.
I thank you in advance for lending a helping hand in this way. Know that your contribution- whether monetary or by sharing the campaign- contributes to spreading hope in this world for those who can no longer find the strength to hope for themselves.
Simone Da Costa
MindBody Psychotherapy TT
P.S Should you have any questions about this initiative or want to get feedback about the help your contribution provides in the near future please email me at
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A second chance

by Simone Da Costa
Created Jun 28, 2020 | Trinidad and Tobago
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