The St James Empowerment Foundation is a duly registered organization with the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Community Development. We have completed many community-based programs at the local level. Recently, we launched a program within socially vulnerable communities of Port-of-Spain Trinidad. This program is geared towards increasing academic performance of the communities` children at the national Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA).
National SEA is a crucial time of a child`s life (especially male children). It is a time when they are placed within social environments that mold their future. Recent trends indicate the need to focus on increasing the performance of community youth at the national SEA. Success at SEA is important to communities already challenged by youth disorder and criminality. This gives them a fighting chance for further successes at regional examinations and allows them a competitive edge in the marketplace.
This effort is intended to provide a safe space for youth; facilitate improvement in academic performance; supply a support for alternative preoccupation and recreation; and cater to the needs of those affected by lack of avenues or resources to support modern learning requirements. This program will increase the opportunities for youth of Port-of-Spain at the educational level and impact other aspects of their lives. Consequently, empowering our children towards a better life.
The Program, ALL IN (AI) begins in January 2021 (start of the new school term). Funds are to supply and upgrade technological capacity of the center; gather stationary and supplies; and cater to the sanitary needs of the children for the term. Your assistance will facilitate an estimated 37 students and community youth. Hopefully we can increase this soon.
The St James Empowerment Foundation is grateful for your contributions as we strive to attain a better self, community, and society - one individual at a time.
Thank You.
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ALL IN- Education Program

by Glenda Gonzales
Created Nov 05, 2020 | Port-of-Spain Trinidad
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