Help me create the BEST BEACH DAY ever for you, your friends or anyone interested! Support will be used to upgrade my equipment and better serve Trinidad and Tobago. (see info here )
My name is Ken Sambury & I am always on the beach. I travel the Caribbean chasing sunsets taking photos of some of the world’s best beaches. That was before COVID 19.
I don’t just admire the beach by myself, I do it with my friends. For the past 10 years I have hosted over 30 beach limes with crazy attractions.
Like most of you watching this, I too have PTSD due to my inability to attend or host a worthwhile beach lime for the past couple months.
Added to the above, I need to upgrade my camera equipment but the customs charges from the FIRST item were quite alarming. Now I did think of complaining to the Government or saying COVID stopped my work please help but instead I’ve decided to innovate.
For a veryyy LIMITED time - I will bring the Beach Lime to you. Personally.
I have partnered with Livin’ Trini & KR Rentals to provide inclusive ‘beach lime’ packages for couples, groups of 5 and groups of 10. This is NOT a party, all COVID protocols will be observed.
Packages will be inclusive of beach chairs, tents, umbrellas, speaker and for each package you get games and activities provided / your loved ones to play on the beach!
Added to this, you get me as your personal photographer & videographer, snapping candids that you keep forever!
I specialise in the extravagant. Candids while you are in the water? A bottle of wine to go with your beach date? Complementary cups and a goodie bag to go? I got ALL of this.
You go straight to your spot and back, keeping your contact with everyone else at a minimum
I will be there waiting as you go to the BEACH this weekend. This is just for me to raise funds to refresh my equipment so take advantage now because you deserve it.
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Best Beach Day Ever

by Ken Sambury
Created Nov 08, 2020 | Maracas Beach
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