It was the last time I saw her alive and at the time I was just being a normal happy 7 year old child not close to understanding death. She sent me over to say "Hello" to the dying lady next to her and when I got to the lady, she said "That's the one". Now that could have meant that I was the miserable one or the talkative one or the cute one. But with my biological mother having died 4 days after that visit,I grew up thinking that introduction referred to me as the one who she saw with an extra gift from God.

So remembering her last introduction of me has always been one of my motivations to use my gifts from God and be that one. So even when my father wasn't the best and did things like put us in an orphanage for some years, I kept thinking "I'm the one". It's that thought that got me to be very active in secondary school and work towards my dream of being a pilot with my love for aeroplanes. So after secondary school, I worked one year to help fund my studies and got into UWI on my first application to the BSc. Mechanical Engineering programme. While doing that programme, I felt like I was so close to achieving my dreams and being the one to fly high. That was until I started experiencing seizures and had to stop studying and working altogether.
So it's been five years and the suggested medications have not stopped the seizures which are seen to be due to a calcification caused by a damaged blood vessel at the left of my brain. The surgery to remove such calcification has been quoted at TT$ 137, 000 and with currently having to survive on disability grant being recently received, I would be more than grateful for any assistance and prayers received from anyone who can assist. I thank you so much in advance. Please feel free to contact me at 1 868 263-3581.
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    Donation for surgery

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Brain Surgery to be done.Please help Scherille to fly!

by Scherille Dyer
Created Jun 13, 2021 | North East Trinidad
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