My name is Deborah-Dale Brathwaite-Phillip and I am the Director and Founder of Ambassadors of Music.

At this institution, we teach not only dance or musical instruments such as the piano and voice, but we also teach academic subjects for Form 1-5 students.

I am passionate about teaching. I know it is what I am called to do and so for many years I taught. I taught music to preshoolers; I taught lessons to primary school children in Enterprise; I taught individuals to sing - even those that were tone deaf - and I did it for nothing at times and other times for little money, in the gallary; in my living room; at church etc. I bartered with the parents at times recieving pencils, or books, or erasers or rulers in return for my services.

I taught English and Social Studies, Music Theory as well as Voclas for many years, to individuals as well as choirs. My music instructor has always been an inspiration to me, investing in my success in music, ensuring I passed my exams, and so I do the same thing for my students.

Teaching is a God given talent and so following in his plan for my life he increased the intake of students for me and I was able to recieve a bit more finances for my passion.

I was given the oportunity to work at a private school where I was able to learn more and add more value to many person's life - Teeangers as well as Primary School children - and it was impressed upon my heart to open my own school officially so I registered the name and now here I am, able to help many families with higher education for their children and hire persons to teach.

Most private schools are expensive and many parents, though they want the best for their children, cannot always afford the fees. Ambassadors of Music is committed to maintaining a high standard of education at an affordable price. In the future, we hope to provide scholarships to children who need it in an effort to foster strong community ties.

Presently, there are eight (8) persons on staff as qualified teachers, counsellors and advisers. Only the teachers at this time take home a monthly salary of $525.

Nevertheless, every teacher remains passionate about the school's commitment to quality education.

The school currently has five (5) full time students for now, of which one (1) will be writing exms in January 2022 and two (2) others in June of 2022.

A decision was made to errect a building at the back of my home not only to cut costs in rent, overhead cost and school fees, but to pay the teaching staff the salary befitting their qualifications.

We need your assistance to achieve our vision to expand the school. Any contribution, no matter how small, will be accepted to purchase the following items.

1. Building Materials - bricks, sand, cement, steel, etc

2. Musical Instruments - piano, guitars, drums etc

3. Text books (new and/or used). English, Mathematics, P.O.B etc

4. Chairs and tables

5. Screens to separate classroom spaces, lighting fixtures, toilet sets, pipes, sinks, electrical supplies etc

We publicly thank God for the many people who have already helped in the expansion of the school and for those who are coming in to build the school for no compensation at all. We greatly appriciate your kind consideration and look forward to working with you in this venture.

For those who cannot donate on the gofundme because you are not a holder of a Credit Card, you can make donations to FCB Bank Account Number 1444074 Deborah-Dale Brathwaite-Phillip. Thank you
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Build Ambassadors of Music

by Deborah-Dale Friday
Created Aug 18, 2021 | Arima
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