Continuous Crisis Support Campaign (CCS)
The initiative aims to incorporate the principles and processes of social work which will assess clients in crisis, primarily for food and emergency housing, through intake and continuous assessment. The campaign will provide a synopsis of cases as they arise and the progression -without identifying factors- through monthly updates to the platform.

The Ask
“He Who Knows All About You and Loves You Just The Same, Is A True Friend” the mantra our Founder first idealized and on which the organization’s core stands steadfast.
Friends For Life is a registered NGO that will be recognizing its 25th Anniversary on October 2nd, 2022. The road has been an exciting journey of successes through challenges. Alongside partnerships and collaboration with Allies and State resources, Friends For Life’s committed response to low-income LGBTQI+ persons in Trinidad and Tobago has been our consistent mainstay, by which our ageless challenge remains housing for our clients.
We ask our Allies and LGBTQI+ in the diaspora to
commit by pledge and donations to this ongoing initiative.

In this immediate instance, I am asking for direct support for myself in recovering costs for motor vehicle repairs. During the process of providing transport assistance to clients recently, I had an accident which with Third-party insurance costs upwards of TT$10,000.00 for repairs. There are some office furniture acquisitions for trade which will offset costs of approximately TT$2,500.00, leaving me in a loophole for the difference. In this instance, I sincerely ask for your generous donations either through the CSS campaign; or directly to myself, Kerwyn Lauriston Jordan at First Citizens Bank savings account #2831318.

A Friend In Need is A Friend Indeed
For over two decades, I have been involved in tangible LGBTQI community support work, alongside the NGO known as Friends For Life.
Access to affordable, safe and stable housing is a prominent issue among low-income, young adult, and migrant LGBTQI+ persons, which was exacerbated by both the April 12, 2018 High Court Ruling, and further by the social and economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.
From ‘forever-ago’ individuals continue to deal with isolation, hostility, shame and rebuke from family members other relatives/people in their households, as well as their communities/neighbourhoods and school settings, because of their gender identity and/or sexual orientation, being left to fend for ourselves without any financial, social, community, or other support requiring that we explore -sometimes risky- alternatives for food and shelter.
Housing instability, the growing need for safe housing, a demand for financial, and food assistance is a phenomenon that remains consistent throughout the changing generations of our community, and whereas state agencies may provide some level of support, a hindrance to access for already traumatized individuals is the prospective hostile encounters likely to be received.

Financial Donations to CCS initiative:
(1) #FundMeTnt-LGBTQI+CrisisSupport
(2) Direct Deposits/Cyber & Wire Transfers:
Institution: Republic Bank, Park Street, Port of Spain
Type: Chequeing Account
Account No.: 180 465 354 001
We can do more for each other with support from each other, DONATE today!
Donate on #FundmeTnT today.
Contact: Luke Sinnette / Eswick Padmore / Kerwyn Jordan
Phone (1-868): 379-1952 / 331-4985 / 386-5312
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Continuous Crisis Support (CSS)

by Friends For Life (T&T)
Created May 24, 2022 | Trinidad and Tobago
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