Dearly beloved,

A few years ago Noah's Ark Family Life Essentials (NGO) had a vision after completeing our monthly meal distribution to the Homeless, to one day be able to construct and operate a
NATIONWIDE OUTREACH PANTRY that would provide Food, Clothing, Household and Miscellaneous Items as well as hot meals to households in need. With this eventuality and mission in mind we slowly began to gather items to give out on a Primary basis to households that were in need, as we aspired to be one of those NGO's that would assist in the allievation of poverty in our country.

As the cries for "HELP" increased particularly when the pandemic hit, we just needed to outstretch our hands more and more. Post Covid left many households unable to provide and rising food prices bring a struggle to make ends meet for some. To date almost three Hundred (300) persons have benefitted from our Outreach Program. It is with this in mind we feverishly partnered with a local and international organization who has been whole-heartedly donating items to us monthly in our efforts to expand our Outreach drive. We also welcome others that desire donate items to us so that we can continue to give more.

It is our humble belief that because of our passion and determination to be able to construct and operate a DISTRIBUTION OUTREACH PANTRY, our vision is closer to being established. We recently, after waiting nine month managed to get a lease approval for use of Land from HDC in the Oropune Gardens District to allow for our mission, our project, our NATIONWIDE OUTREACH PANTRY to be finally constructed for the purpose of assisting those in need across the region. However we need assistance in acquiring a 40ft refurbished steel container outfitted with ALL the furnishings and fixtures necessary and suitable to properly store and label our items to distribute on a monthly basis or as the need arises. We even recently received crop seed donations which will also enable us to grow and harvest fresh produce which will also become part of our distribution efforts.

We're now stone's throw away to this vision actually being brought to LIFE and at this time we sincerely welcome the hands that would help in making this possible , in literally putting together an "ARK" that would house FOOD, CLOTHING, HOUSEHOLD AND MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS to assist others. Thank you in advance on behalf of all families in need that will be beneficiaries of this blessed venture.

Thank you
Kami Davis-Mottley
Director II
Noah's Ark Family Life Essentials (NPO Act Reg# 0533)
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Distribution Outreach Pantry

by Noah's Ark Family Life Essentials
Created May 31, 2022 | Oropune Gardens Piarco
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