"Ease Yuh Frustration boxing" is a Sea Lots community initiative created as an avenue to help individuals ease their frustration and resolve conflict by picking up the boxing gloves and putting down the gun.

After being rejuvenated in Sea Lots, the initiative has no doubt gained tremendous attention locally and abroad creating potential opportunities for growth and development of the boxing entertainment sector here in Trinidad and Tobago.

We firmly believe that if we come together and work toward a common vision we can achieve great things for ourselves and our community.

It this regard community influencers have already come together with plans to register and restore an unfinished abandoned community structure into a quality gym and training facility to host existing boxing meet and community events.

We want to create history and see this vision come to life. We hope that you can be part of the journey and help us achieve positive change for ourselves and community.

We are excited to document the development and can't wait to provide updates on the progress as we move forward.

We will exercise transparency, accountability and tact in our endeavors seeking advice and guidance where needed and hope that we can be an example to others of their collective ability to achieve anything they put their minds to.

Thank you in advance for your time and unwavering support on this very worthy cause and we look forward to seeing you soon in our new facility. We will not disappoint!

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Ease Your Frustration Boxing Gym Sea Lots

by Ease Your Frustration Boxing Sea Lots
Created Nov 26, 2021 | Sea Lots, Trinidad and Tobago
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