The Esimaje Foundation is a non-profit, non Government organisation in Trinidad and Tobago.
Our aim is to raise TT $10,000,000.00 dollars or US $1,428,570.00 to assist with various projects of the East Port of Spain Thrive Initiative. Funds are being raised for the following endeavours:
Extra Classes at the Nelson Street Boys' R.C School - The East Port of Spain Thrive Initiative hosts extra lessons for students who have been struggling academically. Free Meals, Free Electronic Devices, Free Tutoring and Free Stationeries are usually provided for the students of the programme.
Extra Classes at South East Port of Spain Government Secondary School - Funds are needed to continue with these lessons to support students who are in need of the additional tutoring.
An Aquaponics system at South East Port of Spain Government Secondary School - This is needed to teach students about agriculture, with practical experience. With this system, they will also learn how to earn an income in an urban environment and enjoy the 'fruits of their labour'.
An updated staff room for the teachers of the South East Port of Spain Government Secondary School - Part of the funds raised will go towards upgrading and updating the teachers' staff room at the school. Duncan Sheik's phrase “It’s inevitable your environment will influence what you do,” means much to the foundation. The aspiration at this school is not just to focus tutoring the students but to create an exciting and happy environment for the teachers so that they would teach the students with zeal, joy, enthusiasm and vigour.
A Shade house at Russell Latapy Secondary School - A Shade house is needed at Russell Latapy to give the students hands on practical experience in agriculture. The shade house is also to spur an enthusiasm from the students who will also learn how to earn a sustaining income in a friendly and supportive environment.
A Primary School for under-privileded students of Port of Spain and environs. There are many families within the Port of Spain environs who prohibits their child/children from attending school because of: the inability to support the child's school's expenses, the parents are unable to deal with the child's learning disability, the parents have a different goal for their child/children, the child does not want to go to school and so on. Whatever the reason, the East Port of Spain Thrive Initiative wants to give each student a fighting chance to succeed academically. And thus it is the aim to build a school that would:
Provide the educational support that the students need
Cater for children who have learning disorders
Enhance the environment of Port of Spain
Provide support for the parents, guardian and others involved in the child's life.
Raise the success level of children in Port of Spain
We do hope that you would give towards the success of this future generation so that they can have a better foundation and footing on life, and make a positive difference to Trinidad and Tobago.
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    Dr. Reginald Ajakwe donated $1,350
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    Masao Ashtine donated $1,350
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East Port of Spain Thrive Initiative - Where No Child is left Behind

by Tuoyo Esimaje
Created Nov 18, 2020 | Trinidad
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