Second Chances
Curiosity. Compassion. Commitment.
These are the signposts that guide you on this journey to become a Pet Parent.

Come, Join us.

"We are the Tardieus: a husband and wife team who are passionate about animal welfare. It has been almost 30 years now, that my wife and I have been finding homes for abandoned animals, though not without its challenges.

We have borne this responsibility ourselves, both financially and physically, but we cannot do as much now, as we once did. We are appealing to other animal advocates to help us in aiding these voiceless souls.

Because the majority of rescues come from being abandoned and dumped, literally on our doorstep, we are often quickly depleted of food and adequate shelter.

Here’s what is needed to assist us.

To be responsible pet guardians, we must control this pet population. The abandoned cats in our care has grown to 120! The cost to spay/neuter a cat is $200 - $300.

Additionally, most people who adopt cats don't want adults, and as such, the cost to feed this adult population is hefty. The price per bag of cat/ dog food ranges from $250-$350 per bag.

Our primary objectives are to feed these animals and by bringing awareness of this plight, amass sufficient funds to finish our sanctuary.

Meanwhile we additionally want to spay/neuter 15% of the remaining animal population. We are imploring you to help us.

There is full transparency in these efforts.

All monies will go to this cause, and proof of purchase and names/ donations would be posted, once you send the relevant info.

Finally, to reiterate our last update, an estimated $40k is needed to complete the Sanctuary. We are hoping to commence fundraising efforts soon.

Until then, we thank you for your support.

A project of Trini Care Club. (A non profit organisation currently being set up to assist humans and anims in need). Contact Ms. Mahabir - 480-1174 or Ms. Baboolal 630-8303 for more info.
  • Sarita
    Sarita donated $675

    I donating specially to help I love cats

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675

    Thank you for what you do

  • Harold Lall
    Harold Lall donated $277


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $675

    You guys are angels ??

  • Snyder
    Snyder donated $675

    Thanks for your Health and thanks to Sharon and Cliff for all they do

  • Javed Mustapha
    Javed Mustapha donated $405
  • Javed
    Javed donated $68
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $338
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Food and Spaying/Neutering for Abandoned Cats and Dogs

by Jean Mahabir
Created Jan 12, 2022 | Champ Fleurs
$3,787 raised of $10,000 goal 38%
  • 8 Donations
  • No deadline

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