Hi, my name is Daniel mohan and I'm asking all friends and family of Trinidad and Tobago. Or even the world if your read this ..please help to make a difference. For to long the children of future have been victims of abuse whether it's verbally, physically or mentally. Or even worst kill and taken from them the very freedom to live , as the days go by... throughout tnt more and more family affected by the pandemic are left hungry and unable to provide for their love one Thier legacy, Thier future if you will and this is the families we don't know about . Where single mothers and fathers and even parents . Are fighting to provide the privileges so Thier children may stand a chance In this harsh world we live in . Even with COVID -19 still within our mist many lives are lost . And many more who knows in this nightmare future of the unknown to come . Children without mother and father to defend them or provide for them . And is with your help I'm begging please help me in this long journey ahead to make a difference. With the donation you send would go a long way to every boy or girl smile again . And also answer every mother or father prayer in these dark times. .....
And so I leave you with this question ..
If you were in there shoe
Wouldn't you pray for someone to help you protect, provide and save the future for your child or love one
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Food drive for family in need across tnt

by Daniel mohan
Created May 15, 2022 | Trinidad and Tobago
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