Gary Hector, legendary singer-songwriter of Trinidad and Tobago, is hoping to record and release his first solo album and is asking kindly for support (donation of $30 USD) to raise the required funds to bring the project and the vision alive.
Having been the singer, songwriter and leader of two bands for the past 30 years, he is now on his own and continuing his songwriting and recording journey.
First with Oddfellows Local (1990-1995) and then JOINTPOP (1996-2019) he released nine critically acclaimed albums and toured The UK and USA, playing at legendary venues such as CBGB’s (New York City) and The 100 Club (London,UK)
He also worked with top producers such as Paul Kimble (Grant Lee Buffalo,USA), Gisli Kristjansson (Ida Maria, Europe) and Jake Smith (Tara Kemp, USA).
This is the first time he will be using the Crowdfunding Campaign option.
His first full length solo album promises to be of similar (or even better) high quality work and he is ready for this fresh challenge.
Without revealing too much to keep the mystery of the new album, lots will be revealed and updated on this page and Gary Hector Music social media as the campaign goes on.
Hoping to complete the album by September 2020 once the funds are raised but the release date depends on a few critical decisions.
The release date can only be set, if and when, the album is picked up by an International Record Label, as the label will then decide on release dates.
If the album will be a “self-release”, then the release date will be set by Gary Hector.
Donation Incentive - $30 USD minimum:
In return for your kind donation (applies ONLY to a donation of minimum $30 USD), you can look forward to our incentive via your email address, to a download file with the FULL ALBUM, album artwork, album notes and credits, a signed photo, a signed print of an original lyric sheet and some behind the scene demo tracks of the new album.
Please provide your name and email address when making the $30 USD donation.
This you will receive five days before it will be released to the public. Will even try to send to you the music video of the first single to view five days before it’s released to the public. You will be kindly asked to not share them in public before the official public release dates.
We kindly ask that Donations are a MINIMUM $30 USD to guarantee your incentive but please feel free to go above the minimum if you can or wish, which can help achieve the goal faster. Credit Cards and Debit cards can be used.
Looking forward to your support and please share this link around to your friends and family. I will be forever grateful as I am fully aware we are all living in some testing and trying times.
“ Writing songs are free…But…. “ .
Gary Hector
Trinidad and Tobago .
  • Ishwar Bissessar
    Ishwar Bissessar donated $270

    Thank you for the music!

  • Glens
    Glens donated $675
  • Shyamal Chandradathsingh
    Shyamal Chandradathsingh donated $1,350
  • Christopher Avey
    Christopher Avey donated $2,025


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $1,350

    Love from Falkirk xx

  • King WAP WAP
    King WAP WAP donated $203

    Ah requesting plenty WAP WAP 57 on de album please

  • Jonathan Ali
    Jonathan Ali donated $338
  • Catherine de Silva
    Catherine de Silva donated $203

    Good luck from Catherine de Silva

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated $3,375

    Rock n' Roll in dey Kakahole

  • Dawn Stephens-Joseph
    Dawn Stephens-Joseph donated $203

    A small drop, I wish you well.

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by Gary Hector
Created Jul 30, 2020 | Trinidad and Tobago
$12,434 raised of $50,000 goal 25%
  • 19 Donations
  • No deadline

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