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My name is Sachelle Thomas; a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Performing Arts programme at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (with Honours) I have been accepted into NYU to pursue my Masters in Steelpan Performance but due to financial constraints, I have deferred my acceptance for one year to allow myself adequate time to source tuition funding for the Fall 2022 entry.

Steinhardt provides students with a unique opportunity to:

● receive world class education and practical training from practicing industry professionals
● connect with other students from around the world
● attain world class education from practicing professionals within the field of Performing Arts.

As the first person to ever undertake that path in the university, I believe that this opportunity would be beneficial in several different ways. Hailing from the birthplace of the instrument, it not only provides a unique opportunity for me to proudly represent Trinidad and Tobago while honing my skills as a pannist, but also allows me to serve as a pioneer for the programme at the Steinhardt University.

There are many reasons why I chose Steindhardt, the top five being that:

1. Trinidad and Tobago currently does not have a Masters in Steelpan Performance available at any of our universities
2. New York is a prime location for steelpan musicians
3. In 2017, I traveled to Spain for the first time and gave a few sessions on the music of Trinidad and Tobago, and the steelpan and soca sessions were very well received. I realized then that sharing my culture to others around the world while they also share theirs is something I love.
4. I intend to work with the top international producers in the industry to have authentic steelpan on their productions as opposed to a “muffled” or “bland'' electronic synthesizer made sound.
5. In 2021, NYU's acceptance rate fell to a record low of 12%. An acceptance rate of just 12% means that NYU is a highly selective and competitive institution that is seeing value in our national instrument.

My personal objectives in obtaining my Masters are:

● to be one step closer to attaining my Doctorate in Music Performance
● continue teaching music and steelpan privately not only formally but informally through
my YouTube channel (where I host a web series called ‘Sach and Steel’ and share
knowledge on the steelpan including history, technique, maintenance, and theory etc)
● foster lifelong connections with persons outside Trinidad and Tobago who have an
interest in steelpan to spread awareness of the steelpan and the culture that
surrounds it
● establish a scholarship fund to assist other steelpan students from the University of
Trinidad and Tobago who may seek to further their education at NYU Steinhardt
● attain a high paying job through my new qualifications to change my family’s
(mom, sister, grandfather) financial and living situation
● be a cultural ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago through my work with the steelpan not only by establishing two (2) new steelbands (1 in Seoul and 1 in Europe (exact location not yet decided)) but also through cultural exchanges between person from Trinidad and Tobago and person around the world who play the steelpan

Cost of study:
USD$75,343 for one year / TTD$511,148.31 for one year (program runs for 2 years)
Fundraising goal: To cover semester 1 expenses

Total goal 1: TTD$256,146.42 rounded up to TTD$257,000 (please note that "fundmetnt" deducts processing expenses (approximately 12%.) Therefore if you donate TTD$1000 I will receive TTD$829.00 (See more here

I would be grateful if you would consider supporting my attendance by contributing to expenses that will be incurred; and if you know anyone else that may be able and willing to assist, please do not hesitate to let me know!

If you prefer to make a donation directly to my account please contact me directly for banking information. Any amount helps; and if you are not in a position to donate, please share and let others know! Thank you! :)

Youtube: Click here
Instagram: Click here
Facebook: Click here
Twitter: Click here
Music and Steelpan Lessons/Performances: Click here
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    Wishing you all the best on your musical journey

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    Keep the UTT flag flying very high. I am looking forward to hearing you performing.

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    All the best dear Alisha Wallace

  • Adam Walters
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    Good luck with the fund-raising, Sachelle!

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    GO AHEAD !!!!

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Get Sachelle to NYU for Fall 2022!

by Sachelle Thomas
Created Oct 19, 2021 | Trinidad and Tobago
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